Tuesday, December 25, 2018

STRIKE THE CLUTCH (full-length cassette & limted lathe cut bundle) SOLD OUT

 ^Lathe Cut and Cassette bundle^
Cassette, limited to 50 copies sold by Megakut (total press: 100 copies) SOLD OUT DO NOT ORDER
US $13.00 USD/ CANADA $20.00 USD/REST OF WORLD $24.00 USD

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Cassette and Lathe Cut Bundle, limited to 10 copies sold by Megakut (total press: 20 copies) SOLD OUTSOLD OUT SOLD OUT

Lathes cut and 'lathe-only' song 'Dusty Cig Dubbed Out' produced by Tenshun.

released in collaboration December 25, 2018 by I Had An Accident Records and Megakut Records

All beats by Damien except 1 & 6 pause-mixed by Luke Sick,
7 produced by Yelir for Children of the Funk, and 11 Produced by Tenshun. All raps by Luke Sick
except 9 featuring QM from On Tilt. Cuts and scratches by:
4: DJ Marz 6: DJ Traps 7: Tenshun 9: DJ Defie 10: Luke Sick
Recorded Summer 2018 by Damien, Luke Sick
and the DJs involved at various home studios
Mixed by Luke Sick at Hunched In The Cans (Cupertino, CA)
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering

1. Age Quod Agis 00:59
2. Shittin on ya Rug 02:41
3. 40 Bottle Matrix 03:25
4. Rollin in Hot Weather 03:16
5. 30 Aught 8 03:23
6. Rave in the Cemetary 02:36
7. Liquid Plumber Luliaby 02:36
8. So Nasty 02:04
9. Expect ft QM 04:18
10. Writ Large 02:23
11. Dusty Cig Dubbed Out (Lathe Only, Not on Cassette) 02:52