Monday, July 2, 2018

AUDIOSIRIUS - 4N8V [7-song EP cassette]

Cassette, limited to 50 copies in a collab release with I Had An Accident Records
US $10.00 / OUTSIDE US $20.00
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We've known this artist since the Sacred Hoop/ FTA/Disturbers/MuseumStaff days when he was known as Unbreakable Combz. The Man is the creator, producer, recorder and vocalist and everything that is AudiOsiris. It is an extremely original sound but if we had to compare it to something stylistically familiar we'd say it harks back to the tapes of Orko the Psychotic Alien from Masters of the Universe, but then again nothing about AudiOsiris is going backward; the way is culture and consciousness forward, major future. Recode ya!
Side A: 1. Man 2. DZND 3. MTTM
Side B: 1. Ancestree 2. Pork 3. Sedition 4. Doubtro