Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DJ QUEST - QUEZTOCOATL [full-length cassette]

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DJ Quest is considered one of the most skilled and reputable DJ and innovators in the field of turntablism. Born in in El Salvador, Quest moved to San Francisco's Mission District in the early 80’s where he was introduced to the sounds of Hip Hop, and Electro-Funk; from Run DMC, Newcleus, Furious 5, Soul Sonic Force, Ice T, Kraftwerk, Kurtis Blow, Egyptian Lover, Mantronix , Art of Noise and many more... For Quest, this new found culture triggered a life long musical obsession and exceptional interest in scratch music.
This tape is "a collection of studio experiments, using a range of electronic sources; turntables, drum machines, synths, effects, and more.. featuring turntablism with down-tempo and experimental-electronic-world to cinematic to electro-house, dance hall and techno rhythms."

1.morpheus 2.danzadub style 3.grimmy-mutilation edit 4.qumbia eleqtro 5.funkatron 6.walking earth 7.planetary boogie 8.eleqtronz 9.monk of fonk 10.multiple attack (no need for the funk) 11.king's chamber 12.the epic of gilgamesh
Composed mixed and arranged by Questosahn - Scratching by DJ Quest - Additional Bass, guitars and percussion by Andrew Kushin, Andrew Fuerch, Andrew Wright, Albert Mathias
Mastered at Mammoth Sound Mastering - Artwork by Raul Reyes Questosahn Music 2016