Friday, August 12, 2016

ON TILT self-titled [full-length cassette]

US $8.00 USD / OUTSIDE US $18.00 USD [200 original press]
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1. Intro
2. You Know I'm Fadin'
3. Detox with More Liquor
4. How to Party
5. Dank and Drank
6. Get Full of That
7. Nice Size Plate
8. What Happened to the Caddy?

1. Comin' Out the Cut
2. First Name Al
3, Quest On Tilt
4. Can't Go Home
5. On Tilt

All beats produced by Vrse Murphy of Sacred Hoop
Post-production, mixed and mastered by Richie Cunning and QM
All raps by Luke Sick and QM, 2016
except "On Tilt" featuring: Lightbulb, Z-Man, Eddie K, Brandon B and TopR
Scratching on "Quest On Tilt" by DJ Quest
cover art by: Jim Boyer
On Tilt Piece by: END?dma/kf
Layout by R. Beckstrom at Spare Press (Ukiah, Calif.)