Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1628 FACTOR- Flow Cash Chapter (MKTS#3)

1628 FACTOR-Flow Cash Chapter (cassette) [limited to 25] SOLDOUT DO NOT ORDER $8.00
Megakut Tape Series #3
All songs (vocals) recorded at the Dirty Lab except for *Recorded at Madd Mike's brewin' house. Located within the borders of the Dead Forest. Special mixdown assistance and remaster by Destructo Bunny of Alantis Rising.
All beats made through the spectronic 20D on a MPC 2000XL.
All music produced, excavated from vinyl sources at low or no prices.
Special thanks to Spexx for the production guidance and assistance.
This project is dedicated to Arturo "Juan Kanobe" Garcia. May we continue in what you no longer can. R.I.P.
Much Love To: DFS, HTK, ELV, All the families involved (you know who you are), DJ Tony Rock, Ognet, Kegsone (Props for the 2000XL), Pacoexcel, GI, Ganja Terrorist, Elgin, Monster, The Bay Area, Collie, Griselda, Destructo, Iven the Terrible, thrift stores, 1972, skate-able structures, CYMER HTK, ROLEX HTK, Simple, and a special shot out to the hardtimes inflicted on humanity... it brings out the best.
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All Music Copyright 2010 JSTERINC. Productions in association with DFS and Dirty Lab Records, Redwood City, CA.
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All cuts, scratches, samples, production by JSTER for Lost Art Productions

Factor De-Briefing [intro]
Bring The Factor Back
Brew's BBQ Sauce*
Melted Butta
Madness [interlude]
Hard Times We Knowin'
This Style Here
Under This City [interlude]
Factory Instructional Course
Caught Wind of the Universe
Uncle Jesse's Tale [interlude]
3 Ways To Die
Factor Propaganda [ft. Elgin]
Homemade Fun [interlude]
Fantastic Fog Of War
Station Takeover [outro]