Sunday, November 15, 2015

GRAND INVINCIBLE: Menace Mode [full-length cassette]

US- $10.00 USD / OUTSIDE US- $20.00 USD [100 original press]  SOLDOUT HERE but more are available for a limited time here.
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MENACE MODE is the third album from underground hip hop duo GRAND INVINCIBLE, DJ Eons One and MC Luke Sick. Released on cassette three years after their 2012 CD EP, Winter365. The album contains a notably mustier and grimmer sound than their previous efforts. Guest appearances, in the form of furious scratch attacks, came from Sneek, Netherlands’ DJ Sniper (on the song SOFT DUCKS) and Oroville, California’s Eddie Def (on the song PLAN A). The first single and video is YEGG. Other singles with videos to follow are: CODENAMES PT. II, JACKSON POLLOCK, SHOWDOWN (Interlude), BRAINS DECORATE, and PLAY MY TAPE.

Luke Sick, who shared the mic with numerous features on their previous EP, goes all bolo on this one similar in fashion to their first 2 LPs (ASK THE DUST and COLD HAND IN THE DICE GAME). Producer Eons composed all of the vinyl excavations and dusted drum patterning and handled the rest of the album’s cut-work himself. Due to the fusty nature of their record company Megakut’s “micro-release” credenda, some of GRAND INVINCIBLE’s previous work is now hard to find.

Side A:
1. Codenames Pt. II
2. Jackson Pollock
3. Showdown (interlude)
4. Brains Decorate
5. Play My Tape
6. Dust Tour

Side B:
1. Dog Van
2. Yegg
3. Soft Ducks feat. DJ Sniper
4. Plan A feat. DJ Eddie Def
5. Obey The Citizens
6. Dead Joke

Raps: Luke Sick
Beats & Cuts: DJ Eons One

Recorded 2014-2015 at The Invincible Lab and Moffett Hollow
Mixed by DJ Eons One
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GRAND KILLA CON- 52 Rooms (Digital Release)

52 Rooms: The EP is the follow-up to the debut full-length, Year of the Tre Bag, by the Bay Area hip hop duo Grand Killa Con (Brycon & Luke Sick). It will be released digitally through iTunes on August 25, 2015 by Megakut Records in conjunction with Art of Rec out of Amsterdam (who will be putting out the vinyl version later this fall). It is the first of two GKC releases slated to drop this year; the second one will be the full-length La Barranca LP (on Megakut/Dusty Crops) slated to drop this winter. The majority of the EP was produced by Brycon besides two songs co-produced by DJ Yelir of COF and the remix of "Born 2 Gain" produced by Fatees of Gurp City. It features a guest performance by turntablist virtuoso DJ Quest on the track "Sick Insane Cassette Tape," the first single which dropped August 20th. Two more singles, "Who'll Be First?" (featuring Awol One and Eddie K.) and "I Call Earl," will be released in promotion of the iTunes offering leading up to the vinyl release. Two of the songs ("Born 2 Gain" and "Drug Rug") leaked last year and were enthusiastically posted by Thus far the 52 Rooms EP has been received positively for its dusted and diverse beats and disheartening lyrics.

More info on the vinyl coming soon. bandcamp.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


US- $8.00 USD / OUTSIDE US- $15.00 USD
Nine long years after his debut solo LP, Gurpology 101, longtime Space Travelers/Gurp City/Trunk Drank member Eddie K returns to the fray for another round as an unaccompanied MC taking center stage, this time matching his turfed out raps to Brycon's equally crushing beat creations for the collaborative effort: Murksauce The Unleaded Team. The veteran San Francisco lyricist comes out with tall cans toasting on the this nine-track 'prelim' tape's first single "You Don't Have Much Time," breaking down the raw facts of an underground MC's celebrated yet sometimes frustrating career for one of the set's most righteous mic rips over a beers-at-dusk summertime groove. Though Eddie's the only rapper in Murksauce, his verbal cocktails on "Time" are chorused by fellow Bay Area MC Goodword of SF's B-Pos crew, and standup Gurp Citizen Luke Sick snatches the baton on the square-murdering "Amateur Night," to accent the spotlighted Lakeview spit.
Fortunately for the discerning Megakut customer, Brycon (who also produces for the Megakut-affiliated projects: Grand Killa Con and Diamond Lung) elects to incorporate many sonic variations in his production quiver, serving up quite a few bulls-eyes (the nintendo druggy perp walk that is "Jasmine Guy Shit" and the cave of mini-trucks on "I'm Just Lettin' You Know" por ejemplo) which help to throw further shade on a stagnant industry (currently heralding a singular sound) with his far more expansive musical approach, unrestrained by trend.
Side One
So Mad
I Had A Dream
Jasmine Guy Shit
Side Two
Let Me Say My Part
I'm Just Lettin' You Know
Amateur Night ft. Luke Sick
You Don't Have Much Time ft. Goodword

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Friday, February 20, 2015

LIGHTBULB & DJ EONS ONE- 7" (SR-1001) [+remix cassette]

US- $13.00 USD / OUTSIDE US- $23.00 USD / limited to 100
Beats by DJ Eons One
Raps by Lightbulb
Randomly mixed colored vinyl, plays at 45.
Vocals recorded by Rob Rush in J-Eazy's old room.
All other recording and mixing by DJ Eons One at the Invincible Lab in San Carlos, CA
Four songs and one interlude.
Side A
White Owls 4 Nite Owls
Loose In The Park
Side B
Word Up
Foul Stuff
US- $8.00 USD / OUTSIDE US- $16.00 USD / limited to 50
DJ Eons One remixes the entire 7". All different beats and cuts, same vox.
Tracklist: Same as above.
US- $19.00 USD / OUTSIDE US- $35.00 USD / while supplies last
US- $30.00 USD / OUTSIDE US- $55.00 / while supplies last
Same as the package deal above but you also get a general issue copy of DJ EONS ONE- Revenge of the Crate Goblins 7".

Prices are postage paid. Payment in USD via Paypal only. Please list all of the items you are purchasing in the Paypal message box. Payment to megakutrecords at here.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


DANKSLOB X DAMAGED GOODS Split-Cassingle [limited to 100] SOLDOUT!!!
Side A:

Side B:

Side A - DANKSLOB by G-Pek & Luke Sick
Hill Top
Stay Dumb
Pop Shit
beats and cuts by G-Pek
rimes by Luke Sick
Recorded in Hercules and Mountain View, California in like 2012 or '13
Mastered by Big Bass Dan Randall for Mammoth Sound Matering
Cover shart by Luke Sick
Side B- DAMAGED GOODS by J-Eazy & Brycon
1. Beautiful Intro
2. Bedrock
3. Dinnertime
4. Shattered Up ft. Luke Sick
5. Keep Out
Lyrics by J-Eazy except "Dinnertime" by J-Eazy and Brycon and "Shattered Up" by J-Eazy and Luke Sick
Produced by Brycon for Standards Of Excellence Music (ASCAP)
Instruments: Akai MPC2000, Roland Space Echo RE-150, Vestax Portable Turntable
Keyboard Bass on "Bedrock" & "Shattered Up" by Benezra Tergis
Photo by Philo Reitzel
Recorded by Brycon at Star Bakery Studios
Mixed by Bussy Bownlow & D-Wiz
Mastered by D-Wiz at B-Pos Studios

Thursday, September 18, 2014

GRAND INVINCIBLE- Go Fast Boats/Napalm Cassingle

GRAND INVINCIBLE- Go Fast Boats/Napalm Cassingle [limited to 25] SOLD OUT!! DO NOT ORDER

side A:
GO FAST BOATS feat. Brandon B
NAPALM feat Brandon B
side B:
GO FAST BOATS (instrumental)
NAPALM (instrumental)
Beats & Cuts: DJ Eons One
Raps: Luke Sick
Recorded at the Invincible Lab, 2011.
Duplicated to be handed out at Toph One and Luke Sick's "GurpWinos" Monthly Showcase at F8 (Folsom and 8th) SF, happy hour 5-9pm, every first Friday.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Mutual Daps- S/t [limited to 50]
In conjunction with Solidarity Records, Megakut drops an original underground banger straight out of the Bay, hosted by vets Luke Sick (Gurp City) and White Mic (Bored Stiff). The beats like on ''Raised In The Era'' have that kick it with a brew feel to it. ''Let It Ride'' has an OG dope West Coast vibe and sick flows that let you have fun and make you think! Peep this real underground and you won't regret it.  Listen.

1. Intro
2. Haishan
3. Raised In the Era (feat. QM / Philo)
4. Mutual Daps (feat. Lightbulb)
5. Let It Ride (feat. Ronny Mac / Trunk Drank)
6. That's War (feat. Brycon)
7. Words From the Agency (feat. Agentstrik9)
8. Hard Sound (feat. Trunk Drank)
9. Gimme Back My Slurpee (feat. Z-Man)
10. Angel Dust (feat. TOPR (Top Ramen)
11. Hardtimes (feat. QM)
12. Outro
Produced by DJ Eons One (tracks 1, 2, 7); TC Boneless (3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11); Brycon (from Grand Killa Con) (6); Luke Sick (12). Cuts by DJ Pause (track 2); DJ Eons One (7); DJ Quest (8 & 9).

Price is postage paid for USA only. OUTSIDE OF USA: add $8.00 for the first item and $2.00 for each additional item for airmail shipping. Payment in USD via Paypal only. Please list all of the items you are purchasing in the Paypal message box.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DJ EONS ONE- Revenge of the Crate Goblins (SR-1000) [3 versions]

GENERAL ISSUE: US- $13.00 USD / OUTSIDE US: $23.00 USD / limited to 100 29 left
Nine instrumentals composed, recorded and mixed by DJ Eons One (Grand Invincible/Deny The Cross) at the Invincible Lab, West Bay, CA during the first half of 2013. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering. Pressing by Megakut for Sanctimonious Records. All artwork by DJ Eons One. "...punk rock B-boys, hog leg launchers and OCD crate diggers."
Dihwat (Dedicated to Lord Bisr)
Ding Dong
Payment in USD via Paypal only to Please list all of the items you are purchasing in the Paypal message box. Make payment to megakutrecords at here.

VARIANT COVER: US- $20.00 USD / OUTSIDE US- $30.00 / limited to 17 SOLDOUT!!!
This cover is in cahoots with the mini-zine TINTED WINDOWS #9 issue, limited edition of 17 hand-numbered copies and includes DJ Eons One "Revenge of the Crate Goblins" 7" as well as TINTED WINDOWS #8. Produced with inspiration from Steve Willis' Morty Comix series.
TEST PRESS: US- $30.00 USD/OUTSIDE US- $40.00 USD/limited to 6 pairsSOLD OUT!!!!
This is a two record test press set with hand-stamped white labels. One record has both sides, A and B, and the other is B-side only. With it you get the general issue cover and a test press variant of the Tinted Windows #9 cover, hand-numbered to just 6!, and the mini-zine Tinted Windows #8 as well.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


(crime fiction novel, 55 chapters, 246 pages) SOLDOUT limited to 100 copies Do Not Order


In winter 2005 I began sending the episodes of a crime-fiction serial from Connie Clendenin to an eclectic, yet virtually unknown, nationally-distributed music, entertainment and culture magazine out of Chico, California, called Synthesis, with Matt Loomis (a Chico native) contributing the accompanying artwork. Originally titled The Unsworn Truth Of Cole And Nitty, the serial ran in eight issues (Synthesis #3-10) from November 2005 through May 2007.The end of my brief tenure as a Synthesis cri-fi contributor not so mysteriously coincided with the resignation of fellow writer Corey Bloom from the magazine's editorial staff. Corey was the visionary impetus who first suggested I assemble a fictional serial for a music rag, and I thank him for that opportunity and getting the proverbial ball rolling not to mention keeping me off the cutting room floor I'm sure (for a genre widely misunderstood in that medium, eight episodes is a marathon).
By the end of that year, the print version of the mag was by all means extinct, but for whatever reason, by some random explosion of perseverance, the 55-episode collection came to be. To correct the Synthesis' by-line confusion, Connie Clendenin, who was kind enough to provide us with an insightful introduction to this inaugural pressing of Cole's book
, is a March Country crime journalist and compiler of Cole's own handwritten, jailhouse confessions and not the actual author of the story. In the end I sent the finished manuscript to three people, and thank the gods, Jeff Rawson was one of them, because he thought it worthy of 40 printed copies with the serial's original artist, the exquisitely gifted Matt Loomis of Chico, providing the cover art. I hope it entertains. Alright, chill. - Luke Sick

Click the covers below to read the first 8 original episodes that were published in Synthesis:

Synthesis #3 Synthesis #4

Synthesis #5 Synthesis #6
Synthesis #7 Synthesis #8
Synthesis #9 Synthesis #10
Download a .pdf of all eight original episodes as they appeared in the magazine here. (left click to Open, right click, Save As)

Monday, January 20, 2014

GRAND KILLA CON- Year of the Tre Bag [full-length]

Grand Killa Con- Year of the Tre Bag CD [limited to 150]


For those of you not up on Luke Sick, check his credentials: Sacred Hoop, Grand Invincible, Yole Boys, Rime Force Most Illin. The mean-spirited and gruff voiced rapper brings to mind Rakim smoking a pack a day, or Fredo Starr gaining 100 pounds from eating all his meals at the County Fair.
Similarly slept-on producer Brycon has been making slaps on the under since the late 90s as member of heralded groups GFE, Brycon & Equal and Simple Mathematics. His production credits include Action Bronson, Murs/Living Legends, Masta Ace and many more. Somewhere between RZA and DJ Premier exists the sound that is still distinctly Brycon. Oh and he smokes a lot of weed. Even a little hash.
Their debut album “Year Of The Tre Bag” (MegaKut) is 14 tracks worth of grimy Bay Area gutter sniping. Produced entirely by Brycon and held down by Luke Sick with appearances by Foulmouth Jerk and Lightbulb. Videos for the first and second official singles “Driftin Drifter” and “You’re The Bad One” are on the way.  Peep the bandcamp, GKC got remixes.


SACRED HOOP- Runny Poop Test Press (Two Record Set)

SACRED HOOP- Runny Poop Test Press (12" vinyl x 2) [limited to 7 pairs, OUR RAREST ITEM] SOLDOUT.
Mailorder prices: US: $30.00 USD OUTSIDE US: $50 limited 1 pair per buyer SOLDOUT DO NOT ORDER
Payment in USD via Paypal only.  Please list all of the items you are purchasing and your shipping address in the Paypal message box.  Payment to megakutrecords at HERE.  This is the test presses for our Sacred Hoop "Runny Poop" Vinyl reissue release which has sold out.  When we received the 7 white-label test presses for this release side A skipped at the start, so side A was recut and we received a second 7 side-A only test presses.  Each pair for sale is hand-numbered (1-7) and stamped, and our good friend CRACKER1/DMAK came thru and tagged/charactered the sleeves and etched the blank side of the fixed side-As.  So you get two super rare version, one-of-a-kind, artistically unique 12"s for the price of one!  And as a bonus we will throw in the photo-sleeve that came in the original reissue package and other Hoop memorabilia.  Only 7 pairs in the world, act now!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


SACRED HOOP- Runny Poop (12" vinyl) [limited to 112] SOLDOUT
Mailorder prices: US: $30, Everywhere else: $40, limit 3 per buyer OUTSIDE US: $50, limit 1 per buyer SOLD OUT
This a remastered for vinyl reissue of Sacred Hoop's original demo tape, originally distributed only on cassette back between '94-'96. This re-issue also includes the never before released instrumental of Jedi-Subterranean, making it 8-songs total along with the original 7. These songs were written and recorded in the Bay Area and Arizona between '93 and '94 with Esoniq 16-plus and ASR-10 production by Vrse Murphy, delusional rhymes by Luke Sick and cuts by both; all recorded on a Tascam 688 8-track analog cassette recorder and mixed to DAT tape; and all heavily influenced by golden era hip-hop from '87-'92. Each cover was individually designed and hand-screen-printed with unique colors and backgrounds under SH Duchamp-toilets logo by Eric Kneeland of Black Stamp Press, making each cover a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The record-label art was drawn by Matt Loomis and taken from a Sacred Hoop show flyer from 1999. Also included are a two-sided full-color photo collage sleeve of the crew and cohorts from back in the day and an envelope full of secret messages [like a unique letter hand-typed and signed by members of the Hoop among other goodies], and the envelope has been screen-printed with images from the Tascam 688 instruction manual. Here are more pictures of the labels, the back cover and some examples of the different covers:

The $30 per record price is postage paid for USA only. OUTSIDE OF USA: the price is $50 per record for airmail shipping. The limit is 1 per customer. Payment in USD via Paypal only. Please list all of the items you are purchasing in the Paypal message box. SOLD OUT

Thursday, April 18, 2013

RIME FORCE MOST ILLIN'- The Force Is Slammin' (MKTS#8)

RIME FORCE MOST ILLIN'- The Force Is Slammin' (cassette) [limited to 300]
Megakut Tape Series #8
If the goal is to tell the concise truth, the Rime Force Most Illin' bio should read as four simple words: We Crush The Set.  If you like JVC Force, Tuff Crew, Krown Rulers, Masters of Ceremony, MCs of Rap, Lejuan Love, Cash Money and Marvelous, Mikey D and the L.A. Posse, Spanish Prince, Tricky Tee, M.C. Rell & the Houserockers, the Techno Hop and Saturn Records discographys, the Bay Area's Chris and Ray, and DJ King Tech's Flynamic Force (just to name a few) you'll get the vision of Rime Force.
If any of the music on that list is foreign to you, go discover it now, and then comeback and bear witness to RFMI's homage to those who made the hip hop sound fresh, vibrant and immediate: The Force is Slammin', indeed.  RFMI is a deadly rap tandem dealing out tag team rimes and routines to set the house on fire, made up of MCs known to keep a mic on their person, Rob Rush [Rec League] and Luke Sick [Grand Invincible/Sacred Hoop], and accompanied by SF's legendary DJ Quest on scratches and a slew of cutty yet critical names on production, including Fatees [Antwon, Sick Sad World], Vrse Murphy [Sacred Hoop, Neila], G-Pek [Z-Man, Gurp City], and Proe [Rec League].

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GRAND INVINCIBLE- Another Dead Winter

GRAND INVINCIBLE- Another Dead Winter
Remixes of the Winter 365 7" released by 625 Thrash Core (625240) on Dec. 27th, 2011, available here:


released 01 November 2012
Remixes by DJ Eons One, DJ Raw B, G-Pek, Brycon and Al Lover.
Raps by Agentstriknine, Eddie K, Z-Man, and Luke Sick.
Mastered by Rob Rush.


Monday, April 15, 2013


Grand Invincible- Winter 365 EP (CD) [limited to 100] SOLDOUT!!! DO NOT ORDER.
As a follow-up to the Winter 365 b/w Dead the Situation 7" released by 625 Thrash earlier this year, the GI crew has blessed you with another classic.  Nine tracks in all, this EP features the two songs from the 7" as well as five previously unreleased songs and two instrumentals.  The gatefold digi-pack (hand-numbered 1 thru 100) also includes a Grand Invincible sticker, a GI mini-sticker, the Winter 365 mini-zine, and a freight outline mini-zine.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

RIME FORCE MOST ILLIN'- The Supalove Tape (MKTS#7)

RIME FORCE MOST ILLIN'- The Supalove Tape (cassette) [limited to 100] SOLD OUT DO NOT ORDER

$8.00 SOLD OUT
Megakut Tape Series #7
In conjunction with, Megakut has chosen this time to unleash the Rime Force onto an eager public.  Side A is a three-song medley of G-Pek beats with RFMI busting lyrical vignettes over each one, including the slump partyrocker "40 in the Freezer" and a traditionally lurked shoutro (with intro cuts by DJ Raw B).  Side B is a live recording of Rime Force's first show from atop the U.S. Bank building at 22nd and Mission in SF, set-list includes: Biggest Party of the Century, On Dope, Rawhide, and We Get the Most Props- beats by Fatees, Vrse Murphy, and G-Pek; cuts by DJ Quest.  Each tape comes with a digital download card.  This demo is the prelude to Rime Force Most Illin's debut EP: "The Force is Slammin'" coming soon.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Prices are postage paid for USA only. OUTSIDE OF USA: add $8.00 for the first item and $2.00 for each additional item for airmail shipping. Payment in USD via Paypal only. Please list all of the items you are purchasing in the Paypal message box.

Payment to megakutrecords at here

1)GRAND INVINCIBLE- Purse Thieves Maxi-Single 12"
2)SACRED HOOP- Retired 8-song LP 12"
3)SACRED HOOP- She's a Sacred Maxi-Single 12"
4)SACRED HOOP- Hogs of Rap White Label 12"

Friday, April 12, 2013

GRAND INVINCIBLE- Purse Thieves 12"

GRAND INVINCIBLE-Purse Thieves Maxi-Single (12" record) [Zerofriends]

from Grand Invincible's debut album Ask The Dust.
Bone-chilling beats and noxious rhyme flows-critical to the core. Stark, driving, and riveting, the songs "Purse Thieves," "Elephant Tranq," and "The Style is Bonkers" are the descendents of an old discipline scarred by the midnights of a 12-month winter, independent hardcore mutated to survival mode in the face of an extinction level agenda. Handstyles by Eric Kneeland.
Includes bonus instrumentals and an a capella version.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

SACRED HOOP- Retired LP 12"

SACRED HOOP- Retired 8-song LP 12"
Classic late-90s ATAK Distro DIY hip hop from the Bay Area, purveyors of the style.
Panhandle (featuring Jihad from Third Sight)
Bathtub Gin
Burn Drunk Hours
Sugar (featuring Andrew Kushin from Live Human)
Moron Abuse
Burgundy (Featuring Eddie K & DJ Quest from Space Travelers)


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SACRED HOOP- she's a sacred, sacred, sacred, sacred hoop 12"

SACRED HOOP- she's a sacred, sacred, sacred, sacred hoop 3-song 12" w/ instros.
Three songs off the out-of-print Sleepover CD and their instrumentals.
Side A:
When I'm Broke

Side B:
instrumentals in same order


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SACRED HOOP- Hogs of Rap 12" [white-label]

SACRED HOOP- Hogs of Rap 12" white-label posse-cut
Features 7 MCs: Jihad from Third Sight and these Gurp Citizens: Eddie K, Luke Sick, Brandon B, Conceit, TopR & Z-Man, over seven individual beats by Vrse Murphy. The flip is the instrumental version. Smooth triumph shit.


Thursday, April 4, 2013


Price is postage paid for USA only. OUTSIDE OF USA: add $8.00 for the first item and $2.00 for each additional item for airmail shipping. Payment in USD via Paypal only. Please list all of the items you are purchasing in the Paypal message box.

Multi-CD purchase deal (for USA only): If you purchase more than one CD in the same order the first CD is $8 and every CD after that is $5.
Payment to megakutrecords at here.

1)SACRED HOOP- Go Hogwild
2)GRAND INVINCIBLE- Cold Hand in the Dice Game

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


SACRED HOOP- Go Hogwild LP CD 2006
Sacred Hoop drops in and tunes out.
The Defilers
Chicks Pack Heat
Lie, Cheat, Steal
Guerilla Style Splash
Cramp In Ya Action
Future Ruined
Dance The Cooch
Tuesday Night
Hogs of Rap


Monday, April 1, 2013

GRAND INVINCIBLE- Cold Hand in the Dice Game CD

GRAND INVINCIBLE-Cold Hand In The Dice Game (CD)
Second full-length album of cutty hip-hop from the duo of Luke Sick (Sacred Hoop) and DJ Eons One (Spazz). 13 tracks to furthering the GI movement, based on the philosophy that hip-hop as an artform was best served under the technological limitations of the late-80s and early-90s and the best hip hop records were made made using records. Featuring all original artwork by Eric Kneeland inspired by 60s horror comic books.


Friday, March 15, 2013


Debut GI release from 2007. "Luke Sick (Sacred Hoop) and DJ Eons One plough through golden-era-style beats and raps that run the lyrical gamut, and come off as not only skilled practitioners of the trade, but also as true fans of the of style. The beats aren't lush or orchestral; they're raw, sample-based loops expertly spliced and processed, the perfect frame for Luke's raps about everything from Iraq to Palo Alto, from drinking and smoking to chasing skirts, and just about everything in between." - Max Sidman